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       J&T Metal Products Inc Co. with over 50 years’ experience is an established company that sells new dumpsters, steel containers, Roll-off containers and new Clothing donation boxes; we build everything on sight to all requested specifications. If you need to buy a new dumpster you found the right place. We have everything from mini demo containers, 1 ½ yard, 2 yard, 3 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard, 8 yard, 10 yard, Front load and Rear load dumpsters with plastic lids or steel lids. Let’s not forget roll off containers and hook pick-up, in 10yd, 20 yard, 30 yard. Our core products consist of Garbage Dumpsters and Clothing Recycling Bins. Some of our dumpsters can be offered in steel or plastic construction. Our patented Plastic Dumpster has been offered by J&T Metal for 30+ years recycling plastic, glass and paper products. We have all ways been on the leading edge in our industry. If you need a smaller bin for recycling we offer green 18 gallon recycling bins that most towns use for their pickups for paper, plastic, glass and tin.

      Being pioneers in the Clothing donation box industry lets us stay ahead of the competition with a full line of Clothing Donation and Book Drop Boxes. From the standard push through to our Exclusive Anti-theft Clothing Boxes we will always provide the highest quality in the industry. If you need 1 or 1000, we are your go to company to get the job done.

     Offering a full line of replacement dumpster parts such as dumpster wheels, dumpster covers, Bumper Pads, lid Rods, Trunnion Bars and Front Load Conversion kits. We are your one stop shop for all your dumpster and drop box needs.

    J&T Metal Products Co, Inc. a family owned business and has been in business for 50 years. All of our welders are long time employees and experienced in what they do. If you’re not a customer, you should be. We have customers for decades because of our quality products. We would like to welcome all new comers in servicing you in whatever your needs are.

Call us now at 631-226-7400 or 718-651-1451. Please allow us to assist you.


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