Front Load Dumpsters  

J & T Metal Front Load Dumpsters range in size from 1 1/2 to 8 yards and come in either a square or slanted top. All sizes are constructed of prime steel and are reinforced at the stress points with heavy steel plate. This provides each container with years of profitable service. 6 yard and 8 yard sizes have two sliding doors on the side which close automatically during dumping. This affords a maximum loading area. We also provide on every container a reinforced Front Load fork guiding lift box that is extremely strong. Heavy duty bumpers keep the Front Load trucks from crushing your dumpster. Refuse or Recycling we got you covered.

All our dumpsters come with plastic heavy duty double wall construction covers. These covers are far superior to flimsy single wall dumpster lids. We also offer 16 Ga. Steel lids that are optional on all containers. Note: Steel lids are not recommended for housing complexes with 55 and older.

Replaceable Swivel Caster wheels are standard on all 1 ½ , 2 , 3 yard dumpsters. Optional Swivel casters are available on request on 4 yard dumpsters. When you call to order please ask!


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